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At Innovative Solutions, we want to ensure you receive the best customer support available in the industry. To do so our server and email is monitored 24/7. This support page will provide you with the following to help assist you in resolving any problems:

· Our email address for support issues to be resolved via email
· Our mailing address for support issues to be resolved via postal mail.
· A frequently asked questions (FAQ) topic list.
· A known issues topic list for known reported problems.

Postal Mail:
If you wish to contact us via postal mail for any support or other issues you may do so by sending a self addressed envelope to:

Innovative Solutions
P.O. Box 101
Drayton, SC 29333

You may contact us via email anytime so that we may assist you in any problems. Our email address for support issues is For customer sales or commercial distribution sales please contact us using our sales support email address at For general information please contact us using the email address of

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Question: Is your software free?
Answer: No, you must purchase it within 30 days if you wish to continue using it.

Question: I purchased an older version of your software. Can I upgrade it free?
Answer: You can only upgrade if you purchased the software directly from us and only if the title has not changed. Newer versions or corrections in the software are available for free updates only.

Question: I purchased your software through another vendor. Do you still support it even though I purchased it from someone else?
Answer: Usually support is granted to you from whom you purchased your software however we will assist you in support if the vendor can not.

Question: Does your software work on all Windows platforms?
Answer: Our software has been thoroughly tested on the latest Windows platforms at design time. Since there are a rapid growth on operating systems, CPU speeds and memory speeds you may experience accelerated program speed. If you do experience any problems running our software please email support so that we can look into the problem.

Question: Does your software work with any video card?
Answer: Our software has been tested with the latest video technology during design time and should work with all video cards since there are no direct calls to specific instructions video performance.

Question: I purchased your software and the cd-rom seems bad. Can I return it for a free replacement?
Answer: Please see our Warranty and Return Policy for details.

Question: I purchased your software online so who does my money go to?
Answer: We use several vendors for online transactions. When you register or purchase our software online you will be prompted as to who will be receiving the transfer of the funds.

Question: Do you accept customer requests or ideas for new software?
Answer: YES! We encourage everyone to send us new ideas. If we use your idea or any part of it you will be contacted via email or postal mail and may receive compensation for your idea.

Question: Do you sell our use my private information?
Answer: Please see our Privacy Statement for details.

Known Issues:
Some web sites have our software listed as being Windows NT/2000/XP compliant. Please be advised that we only support Windows NT/2000/XP on the latest software releases. Please visit our Products Page for information on system requirements for our software. Currently there are no other known issues or any unresolved problems with any of our software products.