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Brian's Software is always in need of distributors for our software products. If you are a distributor of retail or Trialware software and are interested in distributing our products please email us at for more detailed information or special requests.

Brian's Software has a very simple and easy to understand distribution policy. This policy is subject to change per requests or needs of the individual distributor. Listed below is a guideline to help you make your decision.

Distribution Guidelines:
· As a distributor you only pay us once for the distribution rights.
· Payments for distribution are based on the territory requested and are subject to change without notice.
· The distributor may only distribute our software in the territory(s) assigned via contract and may not be altered for any reason.
· The distributor may not sell or or alter our software in any form for re-distribution or sub-distributor sales.
· Brian's Software does not accept nor do we request any form of royalties for our software distribution.
· Brian's Software only grants distribution via a legal written contract and only upon signature of all parties involved.
· Brian's Software does not produce any software on any form of media for distribution. This is the distributors responsibility.
· Brian's Software only grants a license and permission to distribute our software. However the source code may be sold.

Basic Fee Guidelines:
· The basic distribution licence fee is $2,500.00 (US Currency) per software title for unlimited distribution rights per territory.
· An advanced distribution license my be purchased which includes all our titles. This license fee is negotiable.
· Payments for the distribution license are 50% due upon signing of a contract and 50% due upon receipt of our software.
· All software titles will be cd-rom media ready and 100% virus free.

Please remember that the above are only guidelines and are subject to change upon the distributors individual requests or needs. No reasonable offer for distribution will ever be refused.